Floods come to the Bvumba

January 2017 was very quite for Madrugada following on from a extremely busy December festive season.

The bird life in Madrugada Forest was however very active being the middle of the breeding season for many species.Taking an early morning walk in the  forest you will most likely hear  the melodic call of the Emerald cuckoo,the harsh growling call of the Livingstones Turaco,the nasal screech of the black fronted bushshrike,the mystical hooting of the Narina Trogan.The swynnerton Robin and white starred robin are also very active at the moment and may be spotted in the lower scrub of the forest.The red throated twinspots and the green twinspots are also found very close to the Lodge .


Male and Female Redthroated Twinspots feeding at Madrugada Bird Bath.

In January Madrugada and the Bvumba area experienced record high rainfall and all rivers and dams were in full flood .The Excelcior Falls and Chinamata waterfalls not far from Madrugada Lodge were spectacular sites ,and were seen by visitors to the Lodge


Above:Excelcior Falls in full flood not far from Madrugada Lodge on 22 January 2017

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