A Bumber Easter for Madrugada

For both Madrugada and most other Bvumba Hotels and Lodges the Easter holiday season brought a huge inflow of visitors.

Although the record breaking 2017 rainy season continued to the end of April,visitors were fortunate to have a few days of dry spells over the Easter period,so it did not spoil their  oppertunity to  see some of the beautiful spots of the Bvumba.



Recent visitor to Madrugada enjoying the Bvumba scenery and forest.

4-Disney Trees4

Madrugada guests were taken to the Mysterious Disney forest,a hidden treasure not seen many visitors to the Bvumba .6-Samango Monkey

The Samango monkeys endemic to the Bvumba mountains may  frequently be seen in a Madrugada  forest not more than 20 metres from the Lodge.039

During Easter holidays visitors were fortunate to witness spectacular Bvumba sunrises from the Lodge bacony.

8-Fairy Forest2

Madrugada magical moss in the stream next to the Lodge.

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