Bvumba visited by Lions Again

For the third time in the last six years Lions passed through the Bvumba area briefly only staying in the area for two weeks in Mid July.They were reported to have passed through Upper Bvumba visiting a nearby game park.

The following week a lone lion was seen on the road,not far from the White Horse Inn at 7pm on a saturday evening.It is thought they came up from a game park in Mozambique and have moved on back to where they came from via the Burma Valley.

028-Morning View

Typical dense Bvumba terrain near Madrugada Lodge that the visiting Lions would have passed through on their brief visit to the Bvumba Mountains.


Looking down to the Burma Valley where the Lions possibly made their exit route from the Bvumba area(Photo above taken from one of the spectacular Bunga Forest view point’s not far from Georges place)


Above is another beautiful sunrise taken from the verandah at Madrugada Lodge.





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