Summer is Back at Last at Madrugada Bvumba

Lovely sunny warm days are back after a long cold winter in the Bvumba mountains.
because of the record rainy season last summer, Madrugada forest is still looking very lush and was appreciated by recent visitors to the Lodge.




Recent visitors to Lush Madrugada Forest





Beautiful Sunrise hails in summer at Madrugada




Crowned Hornbills visit Madrugada Lodge

Madrugada and surrounding area is a birders paradise with many Vumba Special forest birds such as Swynerton Robins,Starred Robins,Black Fronted bushshrikes,Scally throated Honeyguide.Green twin spots,Narina Trogans,Red-faced crimson wings,Silvery cheeked hornbills  and as seen above recently the Crowned Hornbills.

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