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The Bvumba cyclone & our new cottage

The exciting news of the month is a second Lodge has been completed at Madrugada and is ready for occupation. The two bedroomed cottage has breathtaking views of sunrises over Lake Chicamba in Mozambique.

View from new cottage

View from new cottage

The wonderful December rains continued into the New Year and the first two weeks in January we were blessed with above average rainfall for this time of the year.

The second week of the month brought us a surprise mini cyclone and on Thursday 9th January all hell let loose with the main access road to the Bvumba from Mutare being blocked by fallen Pine, Eucalyptus and Wattle trees. The local residents quickly gathered together a chain saw gang workforce and by the end of the day they had managed to clear the larger culprits. The full force of the cyclone brought down a number of power lines and Madrugada remained without power for seven days.

Everything is now back to normal and we look forward to welcoming you to our spectacular views and comfy cottages.

New cottage - front aspect

New cottage – front aspect

Lounge - new cottage

Lounge – new cottage

Summer is here

Fairy Forest

Fairy Forest

The summer rains have arrived at last this week in the Bvumba. The Madrugada indiginous forest has been transformed into areas completely covered with fairy ferns.

The twenty metre high Madrugada waterfall is flowing fast once more cascading down the steep rock descent into a lovely pool at the bottom where visitors may paddle and swim at leisure.

For the bird lovers all the summer migrants are back. The magnificent Narina Trogans with their beautiful colours have returned to the forest, and their mating calls can be heard throughout the day. At dawn the melodic, haunting call of the Buff Spotted Flufftails echoes up the valley to the Lodge.The colourful Georgeous Bush Shrike are calling in abundance in the surrounding forest.

If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city lifestyle to relax, de-stress and reconnect with nature, Madrugada is the place to come to!