The Madrugada Experience

Come and Enjoy Magical Accommodation in the Bvumba Mountains

After midnight comes a time which
belongs to no day.
It begins beyond the point of deepest
darkness and runs to the edge of dawn.
The Portuguese have a special word for
this time — Madrugada.

Enjoy delicious and wholesome cuisine in charming cottage accommodation, which harmonises with the environment. Benefit from the natural synergies in holistic healing and the restorative powers of nature. Rediscover the harmony of Body, Spirit and Mind – and know it is possible to restore this equilibrium …whenever you need to …

Treat yourself to health-enhancing holistic treatments in an environment in which you are most receptive to the benefits. Get back in tune with nature on guided walks through the cool, verdant, benign forest – home to over two hundred species of birds, many of them not found anywhere else in Southern Africa, including the mystical Narina Trogon, the flamboyant, Gorgeous Bush Shrike, the beautiful Green Twinspot, the awesome Silvery Cheeked Hornbill, the mimicking Natal Robin, the uncommon Swynnerton’s Robin, the elusive Emerald Cuckoo, the magnificent Black Fronted Bush Shrike, the rare Nyasa Seedcracker, the stunning red faced Crimson Wing and the pretty Red Throated Twinspot.

Watch the exotic Samango Monkeys’ dance through the indigenous forest canopy, and see the shy Blue Duiker walk through the early morning mists. Drink the fresh mountain spring water; enjoy the breathtaking Bvumba scenery and invigorating mountain air. Take time to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

And for those who just can’t do without it – we now offer free WiFi to our guests!

Madrugada cottage

Madrugada cottage

14 thoughts on “The Madrugada Experience

  1. zia

    A truly tranquil place and Roger is a lovely host. We enjoyed a chilled, restorative time there. Thanx Rog xxx

  2. pippa

    and of course hug a giant tree, swim beneath a waterfall……highly recommended as a lifetime experience

  3. Tino

    My wife and i had a truly magical experience at Madrugada….Roger went above and beyond and made our stay lovely.Cant wait to go back again it’s just out of this world!

  4. Bianca

    Had a beautiful weekend with my mum in September. There is something magical about Madrugada. The view from my room was breathtaking.Our host Roger was attentive and showed us the best of Vumba. Definitely coming again


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