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Heavy rains in bvumba

Madrugada Lodge and the Bvumba area recorded the wetest February in the last twenty years.

The nearby Chinamata waterfall was in full floods and attracted many visitors to the area.

Despite the road from Eden Lodge to Madrugada Lodge being very muddy from all the rains Madrugada Lodge was still fully booked for every weekend in February

Chinamata waterfall in floods

Magical Spring Sunrises at Madrugada

Business has picked up at Madrugada Lodge in July and August 2020 with Local Zimbabwean starting to travel again.

Spring is in the air in Vumba and the days are warmer which is once again drawing visitor this part of Zimbabwe.

Magical Sunrises may once more may be experienced at Madugada


Madrugada Dawn 1

Madrugada Dawn 3

Madrugada Dawn 4

Madrugada Dawn 6

Madrugada Dawn 2

Madrugada Dawn 5

Madrugada Re Opens

After three months of closure of all Hotels and Lodges in the Bvumba Mountains,clients are now allowed to visit within certain parameters.
Madrugada Lodge is pleased to announce it is open for bookings.

Sunrise at Madrugada

Winter comes to the Bvumba

The sunny clear skies during the first days of May 2020 and the bite of chilly Evenings ushers in the beginning of winter in the Bvumba Mountains.

Madrugada Lodge however has been closed for business over the last two months  but there is hope of re-opening sometime in May 2020.

A new cottage has been built at Madrugada Lodge and is ready for occupation.

Sunrise from the New Cottage



Sunrise at Madrugada

Quite April 2020 at Madrugada

As a result of the Global clampdown on limiting travel due to the Corona Virus the Lodge has been in lockdown mode.

This has given us time to put the final touches to the completion of the new cottage .


The new cottage is set on the edge of primary magnificent  indigenous montaine forest

Sunrise from the new Cottage

A Bumper Christmas Period

December promises to be a bumper Christmas and festive season for Madrugada Lodge and most other Hotels in the Vumba area.
Madrugada received visitors from all corners of the Earth in November and December including Holland,Germany,Finaland,France, U.S.A. and the United Kingdom.








The Christmas spirit comes to Madrugada

December 2016 has been a record high for visitors, mainly people from Harare who wanted to get away to the mountains to enjoy family Christmas celebrations.

Visitors at Chinamata waterfall

Visitors at Chinamata waterfall

Visitors over the festive season at Madrugada were taken to the Chinamata waterfall.

The third week in December brought heavy rains to Madrugada and most of the Bvumba – over 30 millimetres fell.

Rainy weather comes to the Bvumba

Rainy weather comes to the Bvumba

Madrugada wishes all its customers a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous 2017.