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A Bumper Christmas Period

December promises to be a bumper Christmas and festive season for Madrugada Lodge and most other Hotels in the Vumba area.
Madrugada received visitors from all corners of the Earth in November and December including Holland,Germany,Finaland,France, U.S.A. and the United Kingdom.








Vumba Marathon in October

Vumba came alive with the Vumba  Marathon on Saturday 27th October 2018 over 1000 participants took part in the Event.



Marathon Runners at 12 Kilometre Peg

All the Vumba Hotels,Lodges and cottages were completely full for the weekend of the Marathon,including Madrugada Lodge.

Visitors at Madrugada



Sunrise on Marathon day in the Vumba

Chinamata Waterfall near Madrugada Lodge

Sunrise from Madrugada Lodge Bedroom

Visit by Montain Club of Zimbabwe

In the first weekend of September  twenty two members of Mountain Club of the Zimbabwe visited Madrugada Lodge.

Visit by Mountain Club Members.



The group was taken over the Mountain from Madrugada to Tonys Coffee Shop and onto Castle Beacon the highest point in the Vumba at 1911 metres

On the Mountain behind Madrugada Lodge.





A great time was had by all the mountain Club members at Tonys coffee shop before they climbed Castle Beacon and then walked back to Madrugada via the Chinamata Waterfall

Nancy with Idah from the Mountain Club

A Bumper August for Madrugada

German Guests at Chinamata Waterfall

August was a record month in terms of visitors in 2018 and guest from as far a field as Germany,Netherlands and Belguim stayed at Lodge.

Visitors were taken on tours of Madrugada forest and the mystical Chinamata waterfall as well as trips to the Beautiful  Bvumba Botanical gardens and to Leopards Rock.

Sunrise at Madrugada

Guests were also taken on hiking trails over the top of Madrugada mountain to the famous Tonys Coffee shop and to the top of castle Beacon,the highest point in the Vumba at 1911 meters.

Visitor to Madrugada

Chinamata Waterfall

Heavy Rains in July at Madrugada Lodge

Winter Rains

July was another busy month at Madrugada Lodge with visitors coming from as far afield as Turin,Italy.
The Madrugada area also experienced unusally heavy rains in July keeping the Forests exceptionally lush through the winter months.

Lush Madrugada Forest


Madrugada Sunrise over the Forest

Forest in Winter

Lord of the Rings Tree

Forest Ferns

A busy June for Madrugada

Winter does not appear to have arrived in the Bvumba yet and Madrugada is experiencing lovely warm and sunny days still.

The first week two  week at the Lodge were busy and a popular touring destination for visitors to the Lodge was Madrugada  forest and the mystical Lord of the Rings Tree.

Lord of the Rings Tree

Madrugada Forest

Madrugada Forest

Madrugada Sunrise

Zomwe Waterfall near Madrugada Lodge

Vumba resident Zebra


Sunrise from the Lodge

A Bumper Easter

Madrugada Lodge had a record high busy Easter with visitors coming from as far a field as Bulawayo to relax and enjoy the Beautiful Bvumba mountains.

A large family group visiting the Lodge over the Easter holidays.



View of Rains coming to Madrugada

Sunrise Madrugada

A busy month at Madrugada

March 2018 was an unusually busy months with visitors from Poland ,South Africa and Zimbabwe visiting the Lodge.


Visitors have fun at the Chinamata waterfall near to the Lodge.36-Visitord at Strangler

Guests at Madrugada Lodge visiting the Strangler Fig corner in the forest.


Another stunning sunrise at Madrugada




Madrugada Lodge busy over Rainy season

The rains came very late this year with heavy down-poars occuring almost daily through the latter half of of February however the Lodge was well supported with Visitors during the month.

View of Rains coming to Madrugada





Madrugada Forest came alive with the February heavy rains

View from Lodge after heavy rains

Madrugada Forest after heavy rains



Picturest lake near the Lodge

Sunrise after Heavy Rain