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Record rains in Bvumba

In the month of February 2014 the heavens opened in the Bvumba and we experienced prolific rains with one of the wettest Februarys recorded in the last twenty years.

Raging river in Bvumba

Raging river in Bvumba

Madrugada forest came alive with flowers, ferns, fungi, toadstools and mushrooms of all different colours and varieties.

The streams and rivers have been transformed into raging torrents – a sight for sore eyes and not to be missed.


Rivers flowing strongly after heavy rain

Lion's Head

Lion’s Head

Our Wild Life & Environment (WEPU) walk on Saturday 22nd February took us to the base of Lion’s Head approaching from behind The White Horse Inn. We had a record attendance of nearly 40 people including a contingency of five students from Africa University. After two months of almost non-stop rains we were blessed on the Saturday of the WEPU walk, when the clouds temporary disappeared and blue skies were the order for the morning of the outing.

Experience Madrugada and Bvumba at its wettest and enjoy the montane lowland forest at its lushest and come and walk the little known forest trails that have now been established.

The Bvumba cyclone & our new cottage

The exciting news of the month is a second Lodge has been completed at Madrugada and is ready for occupation. The two bedroomed cottage has breathtaking views of sunrises over Lake Chicamba in Mozambique.

View from new cottage

View from new cottage

The wonderful December rains continued into the New Year and the first two weeks in January we were blessed with above average rainfall for this time of the year.

The second week of the month brought us a surprise mini cyclone and on Thursday 9th January all hell let loose with the main access road to the Bvumba from Mutare being blocked by fallen Pine, Eucalyptus and Wattle trees. The local residents quickly gathered together a chain saw gang workforce and by the end of the day they had managed to clear the larger culprits. The full force of the cyclone brought down a number of power lines and Madrugada remained without power for seven days.

Everything is now back to normal and we look forward to welcoming you to our spectacular views and comfy cottages.

New cottage - front aspect

New cottage – front aspect

Lounge - new cottage

Lounge – new cottage

Bvumba and Madrugada join the festive spirit

The second weekend in December saw a hive of activity in the Bvumba area.

On Saturday 17th December the monthly Wepu (Wild Life Enviroment Protection Unit) walk took us through the Bunga forest to a cliff view point which overlooked the Burma Valley. Spectacular scenery on a clear day giving all the walkers a panoramic view all the way to the Himalayas mountain range and across to the Chimanimani mountains.

View across Burma Valley from Bvumba Forest cliff view point

View across Burma Valley from Bvumba Forest cliff view point

On Sunday the 18th December the monthly Bvumba Church gathering was held at the White Horse Inn. Christmas carols were well attended and sung by an audience of more than forty people. The carols were followed by a bring and share lunch, a spread fit for a king.

The heavy rains in the third week of this month have completely transformed Madrugada forest and surrounding area – fields of ferns sprouting from nowhere, butterfly and bird life activity prolific and beautiful indigenous flowers appearing in the undergrowth.